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SPARCRAFT-US (Charleston Spar) manufactures the highest quality OEM, replacement and custom spars for the US market and abroad.

Our current OEM customers include Catalina, Beneteau, Island Packet, Tartan Yachts, C&C, J Boats, Cabo Rico, Com-Pac, Seaward and Gold Coast just to name a few. Our ability to build custom spars and meet our OEM commitments keeps us strong and diversified.

We also supply Sparcraft One Design masts for J-24’s, Etchells, Sonars, Eleven Meters, and Ideal 18’s.



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 Our company has room to grow, which we are doing in a balanced and controlled fashion with the help of our sister companies in France, Sparcraft ,Profurl and Facnor.
Our Wichard group is very strong and has worldwide capabilities and resources. Quality and commitment have made SPARCRAFT-US the leading aluminum spar builder in the US and a valued supplier to boat builders and yards around the world. We can provide services utilizing the largest inventory of parts and extrusions, and the largest database of original manufacturers engineering drawings anywhere.


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We offer technical assistance and engineering data from the files of OEM customers dating back to the early days of Kenyon, Isomat, and Sparcraft. These files contain mast drawings from over 150 boat builders in the Isomat section alone. This is a valuable resource for manufacturing replacement spars.

SPARCRAFT-US offers a wide variety of extrusions that include most of our past and present OEMs as well as Sparcraft IMS sections. This variety of larger mast sections enables us to keep up with our multihull commitments in the Caribbean. We can manufacture custom maxi-cruiser masts, Sparcraft IOR and IMS replacement spars measuring over 100 feet. We can anodize, powder coat and ship these spars from our facility in Charlotte, NC.

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Our 80,000 square foot facility houses the longest anodizing tanks in the world and an electrostatic powder coating process that can be applied over the anodizing. These features allow us to build the tallest one-piece anodized and powder coated spars in the world.
Shipping with our own semi tractor and spar trailer throughout the US on a regular basis helps us better serve our customers.

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