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Racing & cruising spars

Four ranges of aluminium or composite products, from 6 meters (21’) long boats, are availables with Charleston-Spar.


Booms, vangs

Standard and custom booms, boom fittings, automatic or single line reefings systems.


High quality hardware

A range of quality yacht hardware is also available : stoppers, pulleys, ends and roller bearing poles, pad eye, deck hardware...


Poles & Bowsprit

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A range for your programm

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A full range of standard and furling masts to suit all production cruising yachts from coastal cruisers to blue water offshore passage makers.


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Specifically designed to suit the needs of the performed racing or cruising-racing riggings.


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Adapted products to performances and gauging rules of monotypes with the Charleston-Spar experience of the race.

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The “high dressmaking” of the masts for racing and important cruising prototypes.

 Your rigging can be made to mesure by our research department.


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